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Indianapolis Hardscaping Service

Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services offers some of the most creative and economical hardscape design services in Indianapolis. Hardscaping refers to the built environment of a garden. Rather than the 'softer' pieces of a green space - like the plants and the lawn - hardscaping is work done with decorative stone, the installation of fountains, or the laying of patios. We offer a multitude of top-quality hardscaping services to add extra character to your green space or to improve its practical working. We bring rock landscaping to life!

Patio Installation Service

A well-designed patio can be the jewel in the crown of stone landscaping. The patio offers both function and attractiveness to a garden layout, providing the focus that the rest of the space can be built around. Many different types of landscaping stone can be used for patios, offering a huge array of appearances for you to choose from. Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services can design a patio based on your requirements before installing it as planned. We're with you every step of the way.


Indianapolis Driveway Installation Service

One of the most popular forms of hardscaping is the installation of driveways. With the designs from Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services, you can enjoy a chic, stylish, and hard-wearing, driveway to provide a flattering entrance into your home. We know exactly how to lay a driveway that will withstand the harsh Indiana winters, without breaking up. With a driveway from Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services, you can beautify your home and be safe in the knowledge that it will survive for many years to come.

Commercial & Residential Driveway Installation Service

Whether you need driveway repairs, replacement or installation, Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services is the indicated company for the project. We provide both commercial and residential driveway installation service, and we will be happy to come and provide you with a quote.

Indianapolis Landscaping & Tree Removal

Signs That It May Be Time For New Driveway

  • Cracks
  • Potholes
  • Drainage Issues
  • Rough Appearance
  • Lack of Resealing
  • Past its Prime
Walkways & Sidewalks

Indianapolis Walkways Repair and Replacement

Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services creates stunning walkways that tie into your landscaping and hardscaping projects. We use the same materials in your walkway as in your patio or deck for a cohesive look. There is a range of walkway designs to choose from in a variety of materials and to fit all budgets.
A walkway should accent your landscaping and encourage guests to explore, leading them to interesting features like gardens, outdoor areas or ponds. Walkways can be made of a variety materials like pavers, flagstone, or eco-materials.

Indiana Sidewalk Repair and Replacement

We've been specializing in concrete repair and installation in Indianapolis for years, improving, along the way, countless sidewalks. Living in Indiana means being exposed to continuously changing weather conditions; inevitably, the climate takes a toll on your concrete. Our experienced masonry crew knows how to get the job done right from the beginning, and ensures a longer-lasting sidewalk.
Trust us to be your concrete remodeling contractors in Indianapolis. Proper cement mixture and compacting is key. Concrete is a composite construction material that contains cement and aggregates like sand, gravel, pebbles, and water, in addition to other industrial chemicals. We know our field and guarantee our job 100%!

Signs That Indicate Sidewalk/Walkway Needs Replacement

  • Cracks: If cracks are large and deep, or joints or edges have crumbled.
  • Damage: If there's visible damage and the extent of the damage is wide.
  • Time: If the sidewalk is extremely old.
Indianapolis Landscaping & Tree Removal

Indianapolis Fencing Companies

At Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services we ensure we give you the best possible fencing solutions and services by taking the time to get to know you and your needs. Once we understand the specific look, feel and function you're envisioning for your fence, we're better able to help you make the smartest choices for your materials. We provide quality residential, commercial and specialty fences to the central Indiana area.

Wood Fence Installation in Indianapolis

Wood Fences add natural beauty to our homes and communities by providing a affordable fencing option that adds a hint of nature to the environment. If you're looking for a privacy fence or a spaced fence we have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're enclosing a backyard with added privacy or defining a front yard with a charming picket fence, wood fences offer wonderful aesthetic appeal and we can help you install one.

Advantages of Choosing Wood Fencing

  • Natural material: Because wood fencing is an abundant organic material, it's generally easy to get hold of and affordable in costs.
  • Long lasting: When professionally installed and treated, wood fences can last for years to come.
  • Versatile styles: You can find wood fences in various colors, shades, styles and sizes, so it's easy to find or create one that fits the structures on your property.
  • Added curb appeal: A wood fence can dramatically improve your home's appeal in the minds of potential buyers, boosting curb appeal and value.
  • Pet and child safety: By enclosing your yard or property, you create an area that protects animals and kids. With a fence up, it's much harder for your dog to run into the street or your child to get into danger.
  • Privacy: Made to block unwanted views and enhance privacy, wood fencing also ensures you can spend time outdoors without neighbors and passers-by being able to watch.
Peniel Landscaping & Tree Services

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